Do you believe in magic? We do! Our Fab Chain is the most magical necklace you’ll ever find: with just a little chain swipe you can easily open your necklace into a long one thanks to the closure’s mechanism.

Get ready, the 70’s rectangular mirrored little rings are ready to create a show stopping shine on your neck.

INSTRUCTIONS: to unlock the necklace let one side slide out of the “nastro” closure.
To lock it around your neck, put that side back again from the tip of the “nastro” closure. To transform your necklace into a longer one (and we know you can’t wait), start with opening it and slide one side of the chain to the other side of the Nastro closure, et voilà! 



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  • 18K white gold chains
  • 18K yellow gold iconic “nastro” slide closure
  • available in 3 versions
  • 50 cm (short) or 1 m (long)


 Every piece of the collection is handmade in Italy by the best artisans and all the diamonds and gemstones are finely selected by our certified gemologist: that’s why every small imperfection for us is part of the beautiful and fascinating world of goldsmith craftsmanship.

All of our designs have a special story: our FAB CHAIN collection is born as a new necklace concept and as the unmissable passepartout accessory of your life.