Who said that suit and tie has to be boring? Our LUX STUDS are the perfect addition to let your shirt stand out (from day to night look).

Following the bold “dress for success” trend, this stunning two-piece accessory is the only thing you need to wear if you want to bring your tuxedo to the next level.

INSTRUCTIONS: Gently groove each lux stud in your classic shirt’s collar (it doesn’t have to be too thick or too thin and it has to be a classic shape collar) from the outer to the inner and let it adhere perfectly with the angle of your collar (warning, these studs can be addicting!)



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  • 18K yellow gold
  • sold in couple
  • triangle shaped
  • diamonds set on front
  • “nastro” logo on the back
  • available in 4 versions


Every piece of the collection is handmade in Italy by the best artisans and all the diamonds and gemstones are finely selected by our certified gemologist: that’s why every small imperfection for us is part of the beautiful and fascinating world of goldsmith craftsmanship.

All of our designs have a special story: our LUX STUDS collection was born in the 80s and is part of Fabiola’s family heritage: when shirts became a priority and necklaces were hidden, lux studs were the best solution ever invented.