Say hello to the Nastro iconic collection: T+AMO pendant is fun, precious and meaningful. T+AMO is the Italian rebus of “I LOVE YOU”, made by the letter T (I-YOU) and a FISH HOOK (“AMO”=LOVE).

This piece is a personal reminder for you and for your loved one that love has to be intriguing, magical and (of course) precious… Exactly like you!



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  • 9K yellow & white gold
  • diamonds set on the pendant clasp
  • “nastro” logo on the back
  • available in 3 versions
  • 3,2 x 1,3 cm
  • PLEASE NOTE: necklace sold separately


Every piece of the collection is handmade in Italy by the best artisans and all the diamonds and gemstones are finely selected by our certified gemologist: that’s why every small imperfection for us is part of the beautiful and fascinating world of goldsmith craftsmanship.

All of our designs have a special story: our T+AMO collection was designed by Fabiola’s grandfather in the 80s and reinvented by her with a more iconic line: this pendent is the real essence of the brand.