Ring size guide: we can help you!

Do you want to buy one of our rings but you don’t know what is your size?

With our 3 Step guide you can easily measure your finger circumference in a second and convert it to centimeters into the selected size.

What you need:
a piece of string or a thin paper strip (or something you can write on)
a pen or a marker
a tape measure or a ruler

Wrap the string or the paper strip around the base of the chosen finger to fit its size.

With a pen or a marker, indicate where the ends of the string or the paper strip come together (remember not to over tighten your finger, let it stick like a normal ring would!)
Spread out the string or the paper strip on a flat surface and measure the length in centimeters. This is the circumference number of your finger!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Disco ring uses the “double size” measurement: because of its thin thickness it can have a more comfortable fit.

Once you have discovered the circumference of your finger, use the conversion list below to find out the size of your finger: