Want to know everything about diamonds? We can help you!

Diamonds are formed underground by a mix of pressure and high temperatures (200 kilometers underground) and they develop themselves over millions of years: we can find some of them on the surface thanks to the volcanic eruptions.
Diamonds are made up of 100% pure crystallized carbon.
The 4 C’s:
Diamonds are classified through “the four C’s” which indicate Carat (weight), Cut (cut), Clarity (purity), Color (color).
-Carat: diamonds are weighed in carats, and one carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams. (put photos e.g. carat)
-Cut: diamonds are classified also thanks to the cut in which they appear once finished (put photos es. Of the cuts) -Clarity: it’s possible to find often some kind of inclusions inside the diamond: and thanks to these inclusion we are able to categorize diamond based on the quantity of inclusions it contains. We’re not talking about imperfections, but of beautiful characteristics that diamond possesses in its own nature (it is part of their beauty!)

-Color: we can find diamonds in different colors other than the one we already know: due to the impurities or natural imperfections we can find in nature shades of yellow, brown, black, etc … When the color is particularly saturated, the gemologist defines the stone with the name of “Fancy color”. I
n their best-known coloring, a color scale is used to precisely define the exact shade of white. (put photos es colors)

– What is “fluorescence”?
The fluorescence appears only when the diamond is exposed under ultraviolet radiation: depending on the fluorescence scale, some diamonds appear unclear and not completely transparent. (put photos e.g. fluorescence degrees)

– Why there’s no “A-B-C” colors?
The color scale that we know starts with the color D because if we will discover a more whiter shade we can easly catergorized them as a brighter shade than the actual most whiter shade found in nature called “D”.

– What is the “Kimberley process”?
The KPCS (Kimberley Process) is a treaty that guarantees the origin of the purchased diamonds: it certifies that the profits from the diamonds are not used to support civil wars and that their extraction always supports the well-being of the worker.

– Why is the “brilliant cut” the most famous and used cut?
The brilliant cut diamond is the most requested and used cut thanks to its 57/58 facets: it is in fact the most sparkling cut of all and was created precisely to enhance the diamond to the fullest. (this is why a lot of people tend to refer to the diamond as “brilliant”)

General information about our diamonds; for more precise information refer to the “details” section found on the page of the specific jewel.

CARAT: depends on the jewel (we start from 0.030ct to 0.3ct)
CUT: the most used by Nastro is the brilliant cut (the cut that captures the most light for the diamond)
CLARITY: VS (almost excellent quality of purity)
COLOR: F-G (high-end colors)

All our diamonds are certified conflict-free according to the Kimberley process.

All of Nastro jewels containing diamonds are sold with a certificate that indicate all the characteristics of the stones in the jewel and the carat of the gold in question.

Blue Sky diamonds:
Our Blue Sky diamonds are natural fancy diamonds: they are just thermo heated to brighten the color and to achieve the perfect shade.